About 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

Internal Revenue Tax code, Section 1031 permits the deferral of capital gains and other taxes on the sale of property. In the most common type of exchange, a Forward Delayed Exchange, property is sold and the proceeds are used to purchase replacement property within certain timeframes. In a typical Forward Delayed Exchange, the taxpayer sells a business or investment property and acquires  Replacement Property of equal or greater value within 180 days. To qualify for a safe harbor tax deferral, proceeds should be held with a Qualified Intermediary between the sale and purchase.

The use of a Qualified Intermediary, such as T&C Exchange Accommodators, Inc. is a safe harbor requirement to facilitate a valid tax deferred exchange. The Qualified Intermediary must possess intimate knowledge and a thorough understanding of  of the Internal Revenue Tax Code, Section 1031 regulations. At T&C Exchange Accommodators, Inc. our knowledgeable and professional staff specializes in understanding your individual needs in the 1031 property exchange process and will assist you with each step in the process.

We prepare the Exchange Agreement, Assignment, Closing Summary and Identification Notice, the documents required to facilitate your transaction.

We provide free initial consultations and same day appointments.

We coordinate with your real estate broker, tax advisor and/or attorney, escrow/closing officer and lender to ensure the smooth and accurate processing of your exchange transaction.

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