Types of 1031 Exchanges

Simultaneous Exchange

Two properties are exchanged simultaneously or a property is sold and the replacement property is purchased simultaneously.

Forward Delayed Exchange

Relinquished Property is sold and Replacement Property is purchased within 180 days following the sale of the Relinquished Property.

Construction Exchange

Construction Exchanges or Build-to-Suit Exchanges, occur when the taxpayer uses the funds from the sale of the Relinquished Property to construct improvements on the Replacement Property. The property on which the improvements are constructed must be held by a third party called an Exchange Accommodation  Title Holder until either the improvements are complete or until the end of the 180 Day Exchange Period, after which the title holder is deeded the Replacement Property with the improvements.

Reverse Exchange

In a Reverse Exchange, the Replacement Property is purchased before the sale of the Relinquished Property.


The Replacement Property must be “Like-Kind” to the Relinquished Property. Any type of real property is Like-Kind to other real property. For example, a shopping center is like-kind to an investment condominium and a warehouse is like-kind to raw land.

Identification Requirements

The Exchanger must identify the Replacement Property within 45 days following the sale of the Relinquished Property. The Exchanger must obtain the Replacement Property within 180 days following the sale of the Relinquished Property. At closing, the proceeds are paid directly by T&C Exchange Accommodators, Inc. as the Qualified Intermediary, and the Exchanger receives  the Deed to the Replacement Property.

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