Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Initial Consultation                                    No Charge

Exchange Set Up Fee                                    $1,200.00
Paid from settlement proceeds of property being relinquished. Includes the exchange of single replacement property.

Replacement Properties                               $250.00
Each Replacement property over and above the 1st replacement property.

Administrative Fees                                      At Cost

Seller Carry-Back Financing                         $250.00
(if Note/Deed of Trust is processed through the exchange)

Upon the completion of the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange, any interest due as per the exchange completion agreement, less administrative fees, will be paid by T&C Exchange Accommodators, Inc. to the exchanger. The interest is based on the current rate for the Money Market Savings Account acquired at the time of set up.

Cancellation Fee                                           No Charge

Note: If the Exchanger cancels the exchange after the relinquished property has closed escrow T&C Exchange Accommodators, Inc., will retain the $1,200.00 set up fee and any administration fees that are due at the time of cancellation including 20% of interest earned on funds maintained in money market accounts.

*fees subject to change without notice* 

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